WWDC Aftermath

I’ve been thinking about all of the announcements at WWDC last week. Basically Apple has told pro users to quit yer whining and get on board. I.e. it isn’t the Mac that needs to be opened, it’s some older minds out there. As I think about it, there isn’t a damn thing the MacPro could do that I can’t duplicate on a MacBook Pro, let alone an iMac. Not a damn thing.

If there is a new MacPro next year, that puppy will be as locked down as the new MacBook. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a glistening black cube with a faint holographic image of Steve Jobs on one side. ¬†Essentially Apple is giving “pro” users some time to figure it out. The world is changing. Hell I can slap together an Xsan with¬†shared multi gigabit storage on a table. No more Xsan engineers needed. Thunderbolt is huge.
Couple that with many of the features and changes mentioned for iOS and OS X and wow, the mothership has adopted a predatory stance.
The Mind Boggles

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