Fly Orville Fly!

In the second time in as many days the people of Earth are demonstrating their severe inability to think rationally and their complete and utter lack of a sense of humor.

Monday the Fascist Feminists went insane over an attractive woman’s bottom being complimented on Twitter and yesterday (as well as today) it’s the Radical Orthodox Animal Rights (ROAR) Denomination of the Greater Church of Kooky Belief Systems.

First of all, if you love your pet you or have had pets die, you know as I do that this can be more than a bit traumatic. I’ve had 3 cats die and I don’t particularly want to go through it again. I feel my last two cats were the most perfect and intelligent cats that ever walked the Earth, and none can replace them. When they died, the vet handled it. Translation: They were cremated.

Dutch artist Bart Jansen also had his cat Orville die. Instead of burning the carcass though, he took his DEAD cat to a taxidermist. Then he attached it to a quad-copter and made a remote control flying cat. It’s pretty darned cool actually. The cat looks like super cat flying along.

If you know cats, you know that they stare up at the birds in the trees and they dream of flying. They understand gravity much better than we do, and dream of nothing more than escaping it. To finally show those obnoxious self important birds a thing or two would be like winning the lottery to a cat. Well Bart made Orville’s dream come true. Posthumously. It’s actually a wonderful tribute. His name is Orville for crying out loud. His name says flight.

Unfortunately it didn’t take long for the ROAR people to go ballistic. The Los Angeles Times says the Orvillecopter sparked “Global Outrage.”

Global Outrage?,0,6797956.story


I noted one post on Google Plus where the ROAR KOOKS were going on and on about being kind to animals, and how horrible Mr. Jansen is.


To these people I say:

1. Bend over

2. Spread your ass cheeks as far apart as you possibly can. You might need a hydraulic ass cheek spreader.

3. Remove head.


If Jansen is guilty of any actionable animal abuse, it is allow his cat to run around outside where he can be hit by a car.

What he does with the body afterwards?  Not an issue.

Fly on Orville.

Say hello to Ray Bradbury for me.

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