Sexual Fascism

Earlier today someone from ASUS (pronounced “A-seuss”), the Taiwanese computer maker, tweeted a photograph showing a woman demonstrating their new Transformer AIO tablet/all-in-one computer, which is an interesting device, but not the subject of this post. The subject of the post is the reaction to the ASUS tweet.

The woman in the photograph happens to have a very attractive, particularly feminine physique. She’s shapely and presumably has a lovely countenance as well. I say presumably because her back is turned to the camera. The person at ASUS who tweeted the photograph commented, “The rear looks pretty nice. So does the new Transformer AIO.”

That simple statement had the effect of a call to arms for the Fascist Feminist Twitter Community. I say “fascist”  because these people reflect an extreme authoritarianism in their sexual politics and ideology. Although I’d be willing to bet that the these purveyors of centralized, suprapersonal thought control and strict egalitarianism would swear that it is the ASUS tweeter who is the fascist, down to the last one.

It would never occur to them that the ASUS employee expressed an individual idea, something that people in the United  States are still free to do, thank goodness, and that while he probably could not possibly care less about who agrees, they on the other hand are prepared to forcibly suppress him or her, because they collectively do not like his comment. If that isn’t radical belligerent authoritarianism, I don’t know what is.

The photograph is innocent. It does not disrespect women. It does not disrespect the particular woman in the photograph. She is probably and actress and or model. She probably works extremely hard to maintain her attractiveness because this is how SHE CHOOSES to earn a living. She is idealistically attractive, and guess what. This is not a crime. Nor is it a crime to to notice. She is wearing a dress that accentuates her figure, and simply because someone took a moment to observe, and sheepishly compliment her, we are deluged with this sort of claptrap from Huffington Post. Please see: “ASUS’ ‘Rear’ Tweet Puts Sexism Front And Center.

If they think “booth babes” are bad, I wonder what the fascists think of this site I often see advertised on my FaceBook Wall: EliteandModel. It is essentially a website featuring extremely beautiful women advertising their looks for sale to discriminating gentlemen of means. They are not sexual prostitutes, they are simply women who recognize that they have lucked out on the genetic scale for hotness and are looking to cash in. They know that their looks are valuable. Are they sexists? How are they different from athletes who are born with a predisposition towards certain sports? The answer is they aren’t. The same as the gifted athlete wouldn’t join just any old team, these women wouldn’t get into a relationship with just any old guy. They are looking for A list guys only.

The site states: “…The women in our database offer special qualities that not only make them attractive for our clients to select, but they also help to place our site among the elite dating sites in the nation. Our women are well above average in every way. They are attractive women with a true sense of style. Since our clients are looking for a quality relationship, we search for quality woman, who are physically fit, emotionally stable, highly educated, generous, attractive, and searching for a lasting relationship….”

Once again, thank goodness that these women are free to do as they please and are not forced to adhere to the ideology of others. Looking at the site I can say, without a single iota of hatred toward women, that they are all terribly attractive. Does that make me a woman hater? Hell no. It just makes me a guy.

Within an hour of the original tweet, the image of the woman’s derriere became a symbol for sexism, misogyny, the need for more women engineers, and equal pay for equal work. As it all unfolded I wondered about the people who were upset. I wondered what sort of world were they truly looking for, which led me to my sexual fascism epiphany. I imagine that they will not be satisfied until we are all, men and women, wearing the same grey unisex coveralls, while saluting Big Sister on our Telescreens.

Let’s hope it doesn’t come to this, but many people for all sorts of different reasons seek to eliminate diversity. Ironically these people would normally claim to be champions of diversity, freedom of expression, and freedom of speech. When it comes down to it though what their definition of diversity says is that diversity is good, unless WE don’t like YOU. Then you have to go.

As a society we value beauty, natural or otherwise. As a species we are attracted to certain aspects of beauty for different anthropological reasons. We are human beings and I do hope we are allowed to remain so. Even though the fascists would turn us all into robots, one largely indistinguishable from the other, I prefer to live in a world with attractive people. I like looking at them. Male or female.

So I for one say ASUS,  you have no reason to apologize. No harm, no foul. Please take no action against the naive person who made the tweet in the shark infested waters of Twitter. The reaction was overboard, stupid, and silly. The woman truly does have a nice ass.

Oh, and by the way, nice computer also.

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