Memorial Day 2012: Freedom

Today I find myself thinking about Freedom.

All too often we take our Freedom for granted. We forget that in some places the Freedom to choose even the most minute aspects of a private life are not afforded to the people. We forget that we are free to choose almost every facet of our lives based on what pleases us, from religion, to vocation, to where we live, what we read, think, and say, to whom we love.

We are free to be brilliant and free to be asinine. We are free to agree and disagree. We are free to succeed and free to fail. Yet we take our Freedom so much for granted that we often willingly hand it over to others because Freedom is as much a responsibility and burden as it is a treasure.

We should ALWAYS remember the incomprehensibly high cost we’ve paid for our Freedom, especially when someone offers to take it off our hands. Always remember the blood and anguish of our fallen heroes and their loved ones, because that is what we paid. There is no higher cost. LIVES are the only currency with which Freedom can be bought, so when you give up bits of Freedom, for whatever reason, you are being cheated.

Cherish it. Covet it. It is precious, it is the core and essence of the American Value System. It is who we are, and what makes us different. It is why we have warriors and a vast military second to none, because Freedom is the soul of America. Always know that the opposite of even a small amount of Freedom is an equal amount of Slavery.

To those who have fallen, so that I can express these thoughts publicly, without fear of reprisal, I thank you. I can never repay you.

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