Beware. The Keyboard Thugs are trying to hack your brain again.

Mac Users,

Once again, I have to report that evil people are trying to hack your brains. These people are sometimes called “hackers,” sometimes “cyber criminals.”  These are romantic terms however.  They are glamourous and they should not be. These are basically keyboard punks. They are not geniuses, they may know a bit more about your computer than you do, but that’s it. They are thieves and vandals, the Internet equivalent of of pickpockets or unethical locksmiths.

It seems they’ve cobbled together a new Trojan Horse that attempts to trick you into downloading and installing malicious software. I’ve discussed Trojans here before. Remember, this is the act of hacking YOU, the computer user, and convincing you to open the door and stand aside.

Please see “Mac Security, Landsharks, Social Engineering, and Situational Awareness.”

This one pretends to be an upgrade to FLASH (as if there weren’t enough reasons to avoid installing Adobe Flash already.).

Concerning Flash, please see Steve Jobs on Flash:

If you go to a website and you see something like this, DO NOT install Flash. Unfortunately it looks like the real installer and can create confusion and very easily fool most Mac users.
If you believe your FLASH install need to be updated you should go to Adobe’s website to do so. Finding anything on Adobe’s Website is an adventure in and of itself, but this link should take you directly to the Flash Installer, (and better yet, the Uninstaller as well!)
Be very careful exploring the Internet. The punks are looking for brains with weak security.

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